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Sacred Birthing



Birth Coach

Embark on the transformative path of Birth as a Healing Journey, delving into the inner dimensions of pregnancy, birth, and parenting.

Sacred Roots Birthing In Light Coaching experiences tailored to your unique goals. Uncover and address limiting beliefs, gain clarity on your beliefs, and discover your inner strengths. Through personalized coaching sessions, we'll work together to reprogram your mindset, incorporating activities to achieve your birthing goals with a focus on meditation, visualization, and breathwork. The  patient-centered approach empowers mothers to lead their pregnancy journey, mindfully navigate information, and create accountability to achieve their envisioned birthing experience. The coaching process includes education on self-advocacy, informed consent, and patient autonomy, enhancing your ability to confidently advocate for yourself. 

Tap into the sacred ancestral roots within you to reclaim your innate divine feminine power, guiding you to birth with confidence and embrace your inner empowered goddess.

Initial 2 hours:

$ 300.00

Follow up:

$ 180.00

8 week Sessions:


Paid in full:

$ 1,250.00 (25% off)

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Birth Coaching: Maiden to Mother and Beyond:

Mother Empowerment Guide


Embark on a transformative journey into new beginnings through Breathwork and Guided Meditation. Birth, a sacred transition from maiden to mother, offers profound opportunities for healing. As infinite love flows through your heart, past heartaches may surface, providing a chance for deep healing through the energy of unconditional love. Embrace the transformative power of breathwork coaching, fostering self-awareness and releasing old vibrations through conscious connected breathwork. Somatic release allows you to fully embrace the new being you've created, surrendering to the higher good in service of creation. Heal your own mother and generational wounds, allow your inner child to be soothed while stepping into the empowerment of divine femininity and trusting your intuition. Become a clear path for unconditional love to flow effortlessly. Guided breathwork sessions to dive deeper into how you want to show up as a mother, bringing self awareness to your own emotions, regulate nervous system to better function within the demands of motherhood.

Reduce the stress and anxiety, enter into a higher state of consciousness to tap into the maternal wisdom, and release the undaunting stress of doing everything to the best of your ability without altering your child’s natural state. Bring more self awareness to your conscious life in order to not impose your unhealed wounds onto your precious babies.  All while becoming the womyn you desire to be and feel into how to birth yourself!

Initial 2 hours:

$ 300.00

Follow up:

$ 180.00

8 week Sessions:


Paid in full:

$ 1,250.00 (25% off)


Labour Support

Home Water-Assisted Birth: Gentle Birth

Practices 4 clients per year 

On Call for 38-42 weeks 

16 hours consistent will require back up of my choice if longer 

Preference for Midwives to have water-assisted birth experience 


Master Space Holder

Creating Safe and Sacred Spaces with ambiance conducive to gentle birth 

Providing Emotional Support and Guidance

Prerequisite: Must Take Prenatal Class or 8-week Coaching 

$ 2,000.00




Holistic Approach to Preparation for labour and immediate Postpartum

Private In home, Private On Location, Private Virtual

 Practical Guide to Gentle Childbirth: Prenatal Class 34-36 Weeks

3-4 hours

$ 300.00 


Within the first few days/weeks of birthing the baby.  New paradigm consult. Reset nervous system with gentle breathwork, somatic touch, care for baby, breast feeding, 

4 hours


Mother & Baby Dyad Dance

$ 350.00


New Motherhood Transition Nurturing

Learn to lean into your intuition as a mother from your heart center of how you want to express yourself and show up as a mother.

Newborn care/hygiene, breast feeding, sleep nurturing post 6 weeks

Observe family dynamics and way of life to implement life hacks to encourage a calm flow within the home. Assist with all mother tasks including caring for the baby while you sleep.

For 6

4-Hour Visits


(Within 2 months)

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Additional Services


90 min

$ 150.00

Yoni Steaming Labour/PostPartum Assessment/Herbs                                   

60 min

$ 120.00 

Prenatal/PostPartum Energy Work, Relaxation Massage                                  60 min

$ 120.00

*Services available as an IN HOME option where I come to you*

Additional travelling fees may apply outside 40 km radius


Tub Rental

4 week Rental

(additional $50 for each week added at time of rental)

ECO Pool in a Box



Hose x2 In and out 

Bleach Tablets 

$ 280.00


Sacred Mama & Baby
Meditation Classes

Work on consciously connecting breathwork, combined with heart/womb meditation while your non crawling baby reaps the rewards of being submersed in this beautiful energy either on your lap or in front of you on a mat. Attention and focusing on mamas need to breathe, feel supported and connect as a collective. Easy going flow that encourages baby's needs to be met.

45 minutes


North Flow Yoga          Nobleton, ON

Wednesdays     10:00am

Breathing through Birth 
For Birthworkers


This training program for birth workers to learn
to utilize breath for themselves and their clients to regulate nervous system and stay within the flow of birth
Why breath is so important during pregnancy and labour Incorporating ancient medicine women teachings, learn Breathwork functional fundamentals for mom and fetus,
how to hold space, breathing techniques for labour, breath with somatic movement in labour

Learn how to anchor into your own through breath to be able to hold space 
Be the sacred roots grounding down to connect with the ancient wisdom of the standing stones

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